Formally trained at Swansea College of Art (1974-1978) as an illustrator, John progressed onto a varied and interesting career, as a technical illustrator, producing exploded and cutaway perspective black & white line illustrations in the aeronautical industry. From there a change in direction as graphic designer, working on logo’s, leaflets and brochure’s in the advertising and print industry.

However on attending a part time vocational course at the reputable Architectural Stained Glass College at Swansea in 2000, he became captivated and fascinated by working with glass. In particular the process of sandblasting. Instinctively he knew that his evolution towards playing with glass was a natural one.

Since then John has concentrated on his passion and enthusiasm for designing and sandblasting on glass. Combining the techniques of deep carving, shading, surface blasting, multiple layers and using various resists to create the beautiful 3 dimensional light and shade effects on the finished piece of glass.

In addition and complimenting the sandblast techniques, he sometimes includes handmade, kiln formed, clear and coloured fused glass pieces, which are bonded to a particular surface, adding depth, colour and refractive light to the subject matter.

Finally the art of cold- pour laminating is another process which excites his imagination. There are endless possibilities to explore with this technique, by pouring a resin in between sheets of glass and applying the rich opaque and vibrant transparent colours the end product never ceases to amaze.